【German Exhibition】 | Rockcom Technology unveiled VisionShow in Stuttgart, Germany

The International Machine Vision Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, is the world’s leading machine vision industry event, bringing together more than 460 world-leading exhibitors to showcase the latest systems and components.

At VISION, Rockcom Technology actively understands the innovation possibilities presented by current and future machine vision technologies, understands key technologies related to Industry 4.0 and automated processes, and finds inspiration in real-world scenarios to gather ideas for innovative applications. .





In this exhibition, Rockcom Technology demonstrated the company’s latest products: Cameralink cable, Gige Gigabit network cable, USB2.0/3.0, IO trigger line, Industrial Ethernet line, M8/12 series and so on. The booth attracted a large number of overseas industry insiders to visit and negotiate. The general manager and employees of the company gave detailed explanations to customers and introduced new products to customers. They were recognized and paid attention by everyone!

The company provides a cable fully compatible with major domestic and international vision products, support OEM/ODM customization, provide cable solutions, especially in the towline cable, meet the special needs of customers, to high-quality products, fast delivery, win-win price, customers get the recognition.

Applicable brands: Balser, Dalsa, Haikang, Daheng, Sony, Cognex, Datalogic, JAI, AVT, Point Grey, Baumer, Panasonic, PixeLINK, IDS, OMRON, Ximea, Vieworks, Microscan, The Image Source, etc.

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